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Compare Ratings Before Buying Apartments/Villas: We all have come across situations in life where we had multiple choices before us to select from and all those choices looked equally good. That dilemma is more complicated today for someone planning to invest their hard earned money in real estate - especially flats. apartments and villas. There is so much variety out there - lot of builders, projects and units at different price ranges and in different localities. It is highly likely that a buyer may get swayed by just one factor or other - a glossy brochure of the builder, a catchy advertisement , just the price or locality factor or may be the suggestion by a friend.
FlatScore is a relative number you reach at using our tool for your property choices based on different criteria and ratings.
FlatScore Comparison Tool helps you to objectively narrow down your choices to just one that is best suited to YOU based on the criteria that is important to you.

You can start using the tool right away or you may want to read more below about How to use FlatScore Tool or the detailed Flat / Apartment Selection Guidelines. If you have questions or comments or need help please post it at online discussion forum.
FlatScore Ratings Comparison Tool
Factors to consider Write down the name of the unit (of the project) you are considering. Just a code to identify each choice is fine
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4
Choice 5
Importance you give to: Rating:10 for very good positive,; 1 for very bad
Builder:   info
How do you rate the Builder of the above choices ?
Project:   info
how do you rate the Project your choice belonging to ?
Unit I'm considering:   info
Rate the specific Unit you are considering ?
Locality:   info
How does the locality of the above choices compare ?
Price / Rate :   info
Rate on financial grounds?(price/rate/ budget)
Purpose of buying:   info
How well it match your purpose?(live/rent/invest)
My instinct:   info
What is your instinct telling you? Go with which choice?
Compare FlatScore Here Before Buying
FlatScore tool conceived designed and developed by vinod of sudokuscore. Refresh & Reset Tool
"This tool is superb and world class. FlatScore tool is going to set new standards."  A manager from a housing FI who beta tested our tool for his clients.
"Helped us to suggest right flat for our clients from our multiple projects. Very convincing and systematic approach."  A builder representative.
"Made me think about my priorities and pay close attention to finer details before signing the check and contract."  A registered user from Middle East.
How to use:
  1. Write down the shortlisted units you are considering under Choice1 to Choice5 on the first row. A unit refers to something like
    1. 3BedRoom in Project A by Builder X or
    2. Villa in Project B for 30Lakhs or
    3. 3BedRoom in 6thFloor of Project C at Kaloor
  2. There are seven important factors or criteria in an apartment buying process. In your current investment plan decide how much importance you are giving to each of these factors on a scale 1 to 10.
  3. Now rate each of your choices against each of the seven factors mentioned above on a 1 to 10 scale. 10 being the most positive or favorable score and 1 being the least favorable or poor score. The apartment selection guidelines below will help you in determining the ratings.
  4. Press 'Find FlatScores Button' at the bottom :
  5. Best choice for you is highlighted.
  6. You can make changes to your ratings any number of times to re-evaluate best choice for you.

  7. Remember, it is the best choice for YOU based on the importance you are giving to different factors AND based on the level of information you have for rating each of the factors and choices.

Flat / Apartment Selection Checklist / Guidelines:
Main Criteria / Factors We try to keep this list more useful and complete. Did we miss anything important? Your help is sought to improve this guidelines section. Please post your suggestions at our online discussion forum
  1. Builder experience - number of projects / types of projects / number of years.
  2. Builder reputation - builder quality / adeherance to industry standards / adeherance to rules and regulations.
  3. Builder background - education/experience and business background of main promoters.
  4. Builder transparency in dealings - financial, non financial, technical, promotions.
  5. Builder responsiveness - how fast, how well.
  6. Builder staff quality with whom you interact.
  7. Builder tie-up with financial institutions and other bodies of interest.
  8. Builder review/feedback you have come across.
  9. What kind of after sale support. How long? Any charges? . Any special help for NRIs? Any help in reselling or in finding tenants?
    Mainly refers to the building , premises and common facilities.
  1. Building Specifications (
  2. Materials
  3. Foundation Type
  4. Structure Type
  5. Standard Compliance
  6. Structural Engineer / Team
  7. Architect / Group
  8. Construction Contractors if any
  9. Number of Blocks / Number of Floors / Number of units per floor.
  10. Plan and lay out
  11. What is on north, east, west and south of this project right now. Is there anything that may diminish the value of this project?
  12. Is there anything going to come up in the vicinity of this project in the near future that may diminish the value of this project?
  13. Facilities - Open space / play area , Temporary parking for guest , Toilet/ bathroom facilities for driver/ watchman etc , Asianet or similar cable connection , Standby inverter separately for each flat, Roofing in terrace, 24 hours watch and ward provision, etc. etc.
  14. Water - type, nature. What is available in each unit.
  15. Electricity - type, nature. Back up generator? What is supported on back up
  16. No if lifts. Back up supply?
  17. Cooking Fuel - type, nature, distribution
  18. Fire Safety - type, nature
  19. Earthquake Safety - type, nature
  20. Sewage treatment plant.
  21. Owners association? Monthly charges?
  1. Floor plan. Number of bed rooms and bath rooms.Total area.Other rooms
  2. Wall material
  3. Inside wall finish ( e.g. putty with plastic emulsion )
  4. Outside wall (e.g - weather coat )
  5. Main door material , type, finish and strength.
  6. Inside door and window material
  7. Floorings - material, color and finish - what options available
  8. Ceiling. Type, finish options.
  9. Bedrooms - number and sizes. Attached?
  10. Kitchen. Top and sink
  11. Work area?
  12. Living room features?
  13. Drawing room features?
  14. Dining room features?
  15. What is going to be the view from all the windows?
  16. Servant room and servant entrance?
  17. Centralized gas supply system?
  18. Bathroom floor material
  19. Bathroom wall material and up to what height
  20. Bathroom counter tops
  21. Bathroom accessories / sanitary fixtures and fittings.
  22. Type of AC provisions. Window/split/central
  23. Electrical : Number of phases, points, back up
  24. Phone. TV , Internet , Intercom provisions.
  25. Common Sewage treatment provision.
  26. Cross ventillation
  27. Intercom to security?
  28. Provisions for storage?
  29. Are you aware of the new trends in flooring /sanitary / kitchen modules /furniture / wardrobes. What you want and what is possible in this unit?
  1. Residential / commercial / industrial / other
  2. Access to main road / and other common facilities
  3. Water availability and nature of water.
  4. Distance from places like airport, hospital , rail station , bus station, super markets , schools , colleges , place of worship, police station, fire station
  5. Future plans for this locality by civic bodies and government that may affect the prospects of the locality one way or other (like new highway coming, bio technology park coming, or corporation planning to re locate fish market to this locality )
  6. Locality statistics - like people education levels, income levels
  7. Locality statistics - like crime rate, mosquito index. It is nice to have a water front apartment. How about mosquitos?
  8. Locality weather sensitivity - how is it in monsoon? waterlogging, flooding in the area, flooding of the appraoch roads to this locality.
  9. Noise level?
  10. Air pollution?
  11. Greenery?
Price / Rate
  1. Rate per square feet
  2. Price
  3. What is included in price / rate?
  4. What is definitely not included in price /rate?
  5. What are the extras and how much a buyer has to spend?
  6. Statutory charges such as Stamp Duty, Registration Fee, Electricity connection fee, Water connection fee, Sales Tax, Building tax , service tax. Any other expected expenditure.
  7. What are the recurring monthly charges like association fee/ security/common fund etc
  8. Payment schedule:
  9. Tie up with housing loan institutions.
Purpose of Buying
  1. For living / for renting / investment / for resale / just to have another place.
  2. For living - How well it meets your and families current and future plans/criteria for living
  3. For renting - current and future rent expected. How is the rent going to change in future. Will there be enough demand in future. What are the rent rules in the area. How easy it to get a new tenant. Formalities involved. What kind of service can be expected from builder. Is there complete service providers to manage rental. Flat association rules. Income tax impact.
  4. For resale - Ease of selling, expected rate of appreciation in short and long term. Formalities. Rules that affect flat reselling.
  5. As an alternate place to live.
  6. I live abroad. Just want my own place when i visit / when I return.
  7. As long term asset for my children. How does this investment compare with other forms of longterm investment.
  8. As a gift.
  9. Just to make use of the loan I'm entitled to.
Your Instinct
  1. The general feeling you have about each of the builders and projects and locality. Sometimes you may be right. It is not the interent tools and calcualtions that is going to tell you what is best for you - it is just the inner feeling you have about different things. After all, did you use internet tools and numbered rating to finalize on your life partner decision? At the end of the day it was your instinct.It is up to you to decide how much importance you want to give to your instinct. By now you know how much you can trust YOUR instinct !!
  2. If you are of the type giving more importance to what family and friends have to say, read this factor as 'The Influence'. They may be right more than all the research you do over internt sitting in Gulf or USA.

You can post your questions and comments and feedback at our
online discussion forum.

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